A Modern Twist

A kitchen renovation designed by Kira Gray featuring a load bearing post, Corian and Stainless steel benchtops, and stained crown cut oak framed doors.

A Modern Twist1

Above: The kitchen featuring the load bearing post and it’s 90mm Corian cantilevered table top.

The owner’s wanted a strong classic looking kitchen with a modern twist, a room that has impact, and was a delight to entertain in. It will need plenty of storage and had to incorporate a laundry and walk in scullery.

Enter Kira Gray.

Kira remodelled the existing kitchen that ran parallel with the exterior wall and turned the whole kitchen around to face the family room/entrance way.

“A load bearing post from the existing exterior wall had to remain, so I incorporated this into the kitchen. I made the post 100 x 200mm, and centered the entire kitchen off the post.”  She added.

A 90mm Corian table top was cantilevered off the central island dissecting the post. The Corian was repeated at 40mm to the hob benchtop.

For Practicality and the modern twist, stainless steel benchtops were used on the island, laundry, and scullery. Kira decided on a simple framed door, in a stained crown cut oak. It linked with the stained oak panelling down the entrance hall and formal lounge.

A Modern Twist2

Above: Stainless steel Island Top to give the the kitchen a modern twist

Below: The kitchen’s stained crown cut oak doors and panels.

A Modern Twist4

The laundry and scullery flow through the same finish. Plenty of storage was achieved, and the overall use of materials gave it a strong timeless feel.

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