Life, Character and Impact

In today’s featured design, we look at a kitchen renovation by Kira Gray.

A U-shaped kitchen, with defined spaces for specific tasks was designed and built to meet our clients demand.

Fyfe U-shaped Kitchen

Above: Custom made U-Shaped Kitchen.

Our clients, a retired couple, wanted a kitchen that had life, character and impact – a space to gravitate to, socialise and entertain.

Their existing kitchen was dark, gloomy. Its wall oven tower in the middle of the back cooking wall eliminated the bench space. The room was tired, disjointed and small. The kitchen’s heavy appearance overpowered the view of the greenery outside.

Careful planning for maximum storage was a must for our clients. They wanted their kitchen to be modern, spacious, light and bright.

Kira redesigned the kitchen and placed the oven under the bench to lengthen the cooking area creating more bench space.

Horizontal flap cupboards and negative detailing stretch the space, concealing an existing step in the wall.

Featured Horizontal Flap Cupboard

Above: The kitchen featuring horizontal flap cupboards and negative detailing.

Below: A closer look at the custom made splashback feature.


A timber light pelmet doubles as a display shelf creating an illusion of space around the window. The pelmet sits proud due to the cabinet depth required to conceal the power pack.

The timber accent is kept consistent in the on-bench appliance pantry which hides the microwave.

A benchtop was designed and built inside the main pantry to serve as an appliance space. Beneath it, pullout internal drawers were placed for easy access and extra storage space.

And to keep the room looking bright and fresh, off-white urethane gloss was applied to symmetrically placed doors and drawers. The design contrasts with the impact of the granite benchtops giving the kitchen that wow factor.

Lastly, a feature glass splashback inspired by the clients’ interest in herbs and gardening, was installed in keeping with the kitchen’s aesthetic.

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Modern and Conveniently Functional

Our clients wanted a modern and functional kitchen, nestled in a small space. The kitchen renovation called for more storage as they were downsizing their home but not compromising their love of cooking.

Cue Lynsie Walsh-McDonnell.

“To start with, the limited footprint meant the gap between the benchtops had to be reduced. Storage was also going to be a huge issue” she observed.

Lynsie based her design on the client’s very specific ideas and requirements. She has put together a range of storage options for the kitchen.

To name a few, ten internal drawers were arranged for the pantry. The high ones are accessed by a hidden stepladder in the toekick. For extra storage, two toekick drawers were placed under the oven. Above the hob, shelving makes room for recipe books and miscellaneous items.

Storage Options

Above: The range of storage options.

Below: stainless steel tops and pullout baskets help with the kitchen’s modern appeal.

Pullout Baskets

Aesthetic and function is important in the kitchen to bring about that modern feel to a classic home.

Stainless steel tops with large capacity sinks and an anti-spill edge were used. A slide out shelf houses the inverter microwave placed under bench and designed to be pulled out when in use. There is a bulk storage bin on wheels under the microwave.  Pull out baskets for fruit and veggies are both practical and look great.

Shelves and Stainless Steel

Above:Thick shelves in the background for recipe books and miscellaneous items plus a view of the large capacity sink on the stainless steel top.

Below: A homely, modern and conveniently functional kitchen

Modern Conveniently Functional

And to give the kitchen a more functional edge, Lynsie designed a barn style sliding door to conceal the TV and stereo facing the living area. The design was inspired by the exposed stainless bolts and rafters in the ceiling.

The end result is a homely, modern and conveniently functional kitchen.

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Award Winning Bathroom Design

Congratulations to Fyfe Kitchens very own Kira Gray for winning accolades in the National Kitchen and Bathroom Association (NKBA) Awards 2014. Kira won Bathroom Design of the Year, Best Use of Lighting – Bathroom, People’s Choice Bathroom Award, and Regional Bathroom Award – Auckland.

Kira on NKBA Awards Night 2014

Above: Kira accepting her award for Bathroom Design of the Year at the 2014 NKBA Awards night. Presented by Peter Maddison (Grand Designs Australia and Maddison Architects Australia) and Ingrid Geldof (President of NKBA New Zealand).

Below: “Bold use of dark tones produces a harmonious outcome in this bathroom.” said the NKBA judges about her bathroom design manufactured by Fyfe Kitchens.

NKBA Bathroom Award Winner

To know more about the awards, download the 2014 Winners Booklet in PDF format from the NKBA Website. If you have any questions about the above bathroom design, please talk to us.